• Group photo of volunteers who gave us more than 100 hours of their time in 2013
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Volunteering not only assists Friends in continuing our Mission, but also offers unexpected rewards for those who participate. Apart from the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with working on individual projects, many Friends volunteers (and all of the staff) feel a sense of family that comes naturally with the shared values, exchange of ideas, and respect for each other and the environment that brings us together. Friends volunteers are appreciated and respected. We take care to listen to each other, and strive to make sure that each volunteer experience is one that you will want to repeat.
The main volunteer activities are outlined in the links to the left, but if you have special skills, or an idea of something else you might want to do, just ask!

To sign up as a volunteer, the first step is to call the Friends office at 760-568-9918, or email us at friends@desertmountains.org. There is paperwork that will need to be filled out and signed, but that’s the toughest part, and we can walk you through it. Once that’s done, you’ll start receiving our monthly Newsletter with volunteer news and opportunities, and your adventure can begin.

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